Do You Know Your Campus Has An Mp?

Well I’m also surprised that KNUST has an MP. Yes, a campus member of parliament. Kuulpeeps decided to have a vibe with the current Campus MP, and serve you with the details.

Kuulpeeps; Can you tell us something brief about yourself?

MP; I’m Rodney Kwaku Boateng-Sarpong but my friends call me Rodney Wayne. I’m a former
student of Opoku Ware Senior High School and I’m currently studying Bsc. Land Economy in KNUST.

Kuulpeeps; Interesting. So can you tell us what campus mp is all about, like what exactly should
come to mind when someone hears Campus MP.

MP; KNUST has been divided into 5 constituencies namely: Bomso, Kentikrono, Kotei,
Ayeduase and Campus. And students are found in all of these areas. The title MP can be
likened to the normal members of parliaments in our area whose duty is to send the grievances of
those in his constituency to national parliament and help in law making to suite the interest of the
populace. Hence talking about campus MP, I represent the student body in the SRC parliament to
help address their problems.

Kuulpeeps; And what motivated you to be a Campus MP?

MP; I have always been interested in leadership roles. As far as I’m concerned, I want to be a
member of parliament in the national parliament, and maybe a minister of state too one day. So
when I heard about this position of Campus MP I decided to embark on this journey in order to be
able to help alleviate problems on campus which students face making their day to day activities
stressful which will also give me a fair idea of how national MPs work for their people. So my biggest
motivation is my goal in life and I know with the good job which would be done on campus, I will
leave a legacy.

Kuulpeeps; You will surely leave a legacy with the great mind you have. Can we however say that
you are affiliated to a particular political party?

MP; Yes I am! With my current position right now, I have put all aside to concentrate on my work here
on campus in interest of all the people mad up of the different parties.

Kuulpeeps; Regarding your keen interest in your work, has this position affected your studies in any

MP; I’m starting work this semester and I don’t think it will no matter how stressful it can be at

Kuulpeeps; That is good to hear. So you have any social life? Any first lady too?

MP; Oh yes! I do have a social life and I bet you would want to go on a vacation with me. About the
first lady, Mr.MP here is single.

Kuulpeeps; The ladies must hear the good news. You are definitely an interesting person. What
plans and promises do you have for the students of KNUST as a Campus MP?

MP; A lot of plans and promises were made during the campaign season and all will be fulfilled. We
promised new dustbins and not only new but lined with polythene bags and this has already started.
It will be provided in all the corners of the school. And all the promises about frequent flow of water
and shuttle problems will also be solved. I’m ready to give my best to make campus a better place.

Kuulpeeps; Wow! Thank you for granting this interview and thank you also for the maximum time
and cooperation you gave us. We hope that you achieve all your goals.

MP; You are welcome and my door is always opened to you guys.


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