All You Need To Know About Single And Double Major

The Career Coach is here and ready to help resolve the Perennial Mental Conflicts that most students face when deciding on whether to opt for

  1. Single major or
  2. Combined major

Students should note the following before deciding whether to go in for a Combined Major or Single Major;

  1. Take time to conduct a background search about the various courses, check whether they match your interest and abilities.
  2. Consider your strengths, weaknesses abilities and Interests.
  3. Consider what you will be going into after school, some courses are very pertinent whiles others are not really necessary for your future prospect.
  4. Consider your masters. (MPhil, MA, MBA etc). At the master level, some schools will consider students who did long Essay especially for MPhil (Master of Philosophy).

However some schools don’t take that into consideration.  Some departments like Psychology will select students with a research background over those without any research project.

You should note that if it is Master of Arts(MA), long essay is not necessarily a major factor to be considered.

Now, every student will need to take a research method course from any department when combining. For instance, if a student is combining information studies with psychology, he or she needs to select the research method from psychology but not from information students because it is compulsory for all Psychology students whether you are a combined or single major student.

Students are advised to be informed about their course requirement from their various departments and not to rely on the general requirement from the students’ handbook.

To  all those who want to combine,  to be at the safer side, you are advised to take 6 courses for each semester otherwise you might not meet the require total number of courses for you to graduate.

Do not forget that every student will need a minimum of 120 credit hours before he or she can be considered as a graduand.



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