This Is The Best Advice A Fresher Needs To Follow

Can’t deny how excited we were when we saw our names among the list of admitted student to the university. Great feeling huh? Your parents are so proud and of course you take every opportunity to say “I’m in the University of Ghana” because well, you’re in UG.

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Now that you’re a fresh student of the premier University in Ghana, here are a few things to put in mind and to make your 4 year experience, near perfect.

All work and no play…

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Don’t revolve your life around the Lecture Hall, Library and the reading room. Well of course unless you’re studying Medicine or Dental Surgery, then go ahead.

Your social life is equally as important as your academic life. Some of us thought going for all the lectures and tutorials sessions will enable us get the grades but to tell you the truth, the human body is nearly incapable.  So that party? Go ahead go have fun!! The series lying in that folder on your PC, watch it!! Just know how to not overdo it.

Make Friends!!

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Your friends can make life easier for you on campus, well of course the good friends can, not the bad ones. So choose friends wisely. Your roommates are inevitably your friends, so a word of caution: if they are bad then you will be bad (well not all the time) and same principle applies if they are good. The important thing is, don’t make them change you, you have to influence them.

An oh, here’s a good way to start making friends; Always make friends with the one you sit beside in your Lecture Hall. These ones end up being the best kind of friends because well, they study the same course to right?

Take a look at the foreign exchange programs on campus.

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Foreign exchange programs can be likened to a gold mine. No, actually it is a diamond mine because these programs broaden our knowledge of the outside world. What’s better than getting the chance to have a taste of another person’s awesome culture and way of life?  Remember it is not always academic. Learn more about such programs form your departments and activate your student e-mails; information about such opportunities are sent there.


Apply for internships

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Vacations are not for Hollywood or Korean series and Video games. Internships and volunteerism are a sure way to compliment your ”book long” work in school.  Spend your long vacations offering internships or volunteering in an NGO. The practical knowledge you receive will go a long way, giving you skills that will make you stand out from your peers and make your C.V look awesome..


Start a business.

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Some of us didn’t know this but we could have made extra money from some extra “ronnings” (abi you understand me bia). It doesn’t need to be some big business. Just identify a need in your hall and take advantage of it and make some money…Maybe its water people need, so sell some. It could be Sobolo; you can bring them from the house or make them.  Know how to make beaded bracelets and African print stuff??… Don’t slack. If you fail, that’s okay; failure is part of success. If you succeed too, good for you and kudos.

Take advantage of clubs and societies

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There are debate clubs, French and chess clubs, swimming groups and others. These clubs help you build parts of your life the classroom can’t build. Your departments always have you in mind when drawing up programs for the semester. You need to get involved. Join committees and also remember to pay your dues to the association you belong to. It helps in the running of the association.


Vie for a leadership position

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Stir the political spirit in you. Positions at the hem of affairs are not as bad as they are painted. Though it is stressful to hold positions in school coupled with academic and sometimes religious work, there’s a lot you can gain. One is your public speaking ability. You will be able to stand in front of a crowd and speak with confidence. This will help in your interviews after school as you will build confidence from your work as a position holder. Two, your  C.V!!!  Extracurricular activities are now sought for by employers more than your degree. Make good use of your time after lectures.


So now you see, the University, though an academic discourse community does not only exist for that purpose. It is practically a whole universe in a cit. It’s full of opportunities, academically and socially. It is a place where you can realize your talents come to play. A place you can develop a new skill. So take advantage of them and thank us later.

Written by: Japheth Bondzie





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