Here Is Why #DearUCCFreshman Is Trending On Facebook


Everybody gets a bag load of emotions when their due to attend a new school. Mostly, it’s just for the fact that you don’t really know what to expect.

All the rumors you have heard about the school will not be enough for the anxiety that builds up when you finally have to make the journey from home to school.

But thanks social media, you get to have some form of unplanned orientation before you actually arrive on campus.

This is why #DearUCCFreshman is trending on Facebook.

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Past students are using the platform to give Level 100 (Freshman) UCC students a gist of what to expect when they go to campus.

At least the big learning from #DearUCCFreshman hash tag is that apparently, UCC students do have some form of fun after all. They aren’t that stuck up and buried in their books.


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