This New Pornographic Music Video Is Just Distasteful

Somewhere in a rancid one bedroom house…

There’s a new Lord Paper ‘wanna-be’ in town and on a scale of Rashida’s video to Lord Paper himself’s Ewurama video, this guy hangs dangerously close to the ‘’Malafaka’’ fly infested video.

We know for a fact that all of us remember the music video Lord Paper dropped last year and literally shook the pants off many guys.


We all obviously don’t remember the song but the video was criticized by many and social media had a field day discussing whether or not the porn was real or staged.

So recently, a self-acclaimed dancehall musician released a music video to his single, “pussy“.

Image result for gangster prophet

In the amateur looking video, the guy, he’s called Gangster Prophet by the way, is naked, humping a naked girl who for some reason, keeps rolling her eyes, opening her mouth and ermm is generally attempting to appear sexy.

The zero budget video has so far, not generated as much buzz as Lord Paper’s but there are a few people who have come out to bash him voicing their disgust at how explicit the video is.




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