The #HotWaterChallenge And Why You Should Not Play It

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As kids, we all loved to play right?? 90s kids will remember the games we used to play outside all the time!!

The ‘pilolo’, hide and seek, ‘tumatu’ (hopscotch) and more. The ones who were fortunate enough to be ‘d-bee’ played minesweeper , pinball, Mario, Prince of Persia and other computer games.

These days, there are even more games that are enough to keep kids over preoccupied but….. surprise! surprise!!

The kids of today are still not satisfied!!

So most of us are well aware of the different challenges that trend on social media; harmless challenges that are actually fun.

Well, there’s this new challenge that recently popped up and may be well on its way to going viral.

It’s called  the  #HotWaterChallenge.

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Don’t give us that ‘so?’ look yet.

Let us explain;

So the #HotWaterChallenge is an online game which calls for participants to pour a bowl of hot water on an unsuspecting person.

We are not talking warm water or slightly boiled water or the ‘This Way Chocolate Drink’ kind of hot water.

It’s Hot Water.

Scalding hot water.

Straight from the fire boiling water.

We are talking the hot kind that an 8 year old girl in doing this challenge drunk straight through a straw and had to undergo tracheotomy and then eventually died..


Just recently, another 11 year old Nigerian in  Bronx had hot water poured on her while she slept at a sleepover by her friends because… #HotWaterChallenge.

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Before that in July, a 10 year old suffered severe burns after he and his step brother attempted the challenge.

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So why would kids involve themselves in such a game??

Yeah we really wish we could help you out here but we have no clue either.

All we know is that it is obviously a dangerous game and should not be attempted by anyone who values life. Parents need to warn their kids to steer clear off this game and we all really need to be extra cautious because there’s way too much absurdly dangerous stuff lurking on the internet just waiting to burn you when you least thought it would.


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