This Is How To Satisfy Your Side Chicks Simultaneously

Today is the day to be friends with the credit seller especially when you have a lot of side chicks.

Vodafone is running the most amazing……. (can I stress on the AMAZING again??) credit campaign ever.

#VodafoneEkikiMi is first of its kind from the Super Network. Now you and your friends can use one recharge card.
Here is how
1) Buy a Vodafone Scratch Card
2) Load your airtime using the code *134* pin #
3) Give the same scratch card to your 2 other friends
4) They should recharge the airtime using *135*pin#

This promotion lasts for 2 months.

Just look sharp and find a way to balance  all the baby girls for the next two months. After that I am sorry, you are on your own.



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