10 Reasons Why We Will Miss UT Bank On Social Media

You should know by now that UT Bank and Capital as you know it are no more. They have been bought by GCB because the Bank of Ghana revoked their licenses.

Apparently, the banks did not have enough capital to pay for their debts or better put, their liabilities.

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It is another story of a Ghanaian trying to be successful at something. It did go well and now as usual Ghana’s social media went into trolling mode.

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After the dust settles, we will miss UT Banks, Twitter handle a lot. They were the ultimate social media account in a very boring banking industry.

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Really? Here is our evidence.

They cherished customer feedback like no other.

They taught us to just do. It’s good to imagine but what’s the point if you don’t do anything to make them come true.

They stayed relevant to news and entertainment media that we cared about

They gave us selfish reasons to help those in need.

Another one….

They cherished young people who are doing amazing things. #YesYouthCan

Yep! It’s true #LifeHack

They even tried to make us love Mondays. We don’t know if they succeeded though…

They gave us saving tips without making it feel like mummy telling us to save some of our pocket money

Mic drop!!!


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