Here Are Ameyaw Debrah’s Simple But Awesome Social Media Hacks

All through this week, we have shown you how certain Kuulpeeps have used social media to establish and grow their businesses.

Social media is one of the best things that has happened to our generation and according to Ameyaw Debrah, if Social Media is used well, it has immerse benefits.

Harmattan Rain, Biishville and Pretique have all leveraged on the power of social media to create a following through which they have setup their own businesses.

According to Social Media Week Accra there are over 4.6 million active social media users in Ghana. For any brand, this is a treasure trove.

However, is identifying “what to post to reach the people who you really need to have a connection with” a big problem? The answer is no, according to SMWiAccra.

If you’re a social media content creator, we know you just rolled your eyes. Don’t worry, Ameyaw Debrah, Ghana’s most celebrated blogger has a couple of hacks for you.

SWMiAccra: Ameyaw Debrah, how do you see Ghana’s social media in terms of marketing?

Ameyaw Debrah‏: Over the last 5 or so years there has been a lot of improvement in the ways brands and people use social media for marketing

SMWiAccra: Do you think content creation had a part to play in the improvement?

Ameyaw Debrah‏: But creatively engaging content usually works

SMWiAccra‏: Does that mean, I can just create any content and get the sort of impact you spoke about earlier?

Ameyaw Debrah: When it comes to how people will react to content often you cannot predict. But humor works as well as things that push human emotions

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SMWiAccra‏: Where do you find the middle ground between something that is quality and creative and something that is good and creatively makes an impact?

Ameyaw Debrah‏: Keep exploring with different content to see what people react to. So far as the message in your campaign is not lost along the way it’s ok.

SMWiAccra‏: On the issue of reactions, some brands got backlashes for congratulating Prempeh College after the @NSMQGhana quiz. How do you go about it?

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Ameyaw Debrah‏: I think it would have had a better impact if the brand was rather seen to be rewarding the winners.  So congrats plus a reward. Good PR.

SMWiAccra‏: You’re a big influencer and usually partake in influencer campaigns. What are brands not getting right?

Ameyaw Debrah‏: Some look for engaging impressions or eyeball for their campaign. And sometimes people just want to ‘trend’ and try getting people to talk with a hashtag

SMWiAccra‏: For a young brand, what’s the most important thing to know and do online to grow your following?

Ameyaw Debrah:‏ Content creation is key. But sadly social media often reacts better certain content more than others. Quality and value are often not key.

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SMWiAccra‏: In your opinion, which ones work?

Ameyaw Debrah‏: Personally I hate the fuss about “trending” in this part of the world. the message is often lost in trends. But if well curated it works.

If you need more insights, check out more tips from Ameyaw Debrah.


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