Here Are The Top Grossing and Awesome Animated Movie Franchises Ever

Whatever age you are, animated movies provide a source of entertainment.

Production houses like Disney Pixar and Dreamworks are making you laugh while they make billions-yeah billions…of dollars off your laughter.

Don’t feel bad, that’s the system of the world.

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We have compiled the top ten animated movies which have made so much money in cinemas across the world… LEGOO.

Despicable Me

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Recently topping the list, Despicable Me has garnered  $3,559,498,789 ($3.5 billion) worldwide with four films including Minions.


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Our favorite Ogre comes in second with a $3,510,794,482 ($ 3.5 billion) in box office worldwide. The Shrek franchise has five films to its credit with Shrek 2 leading with $919,838,758 ($919 million)

Ice Age

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Ice Age has grossed a whooping $3,217,251,681 ($3.2 billion) in cinemas worldwide.


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Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman have made Dreamworks $2,256,517,920 ($2.2 billion) in total with four films including Penguins of Madagascar..

Toy Story

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Buzz Lightyear and Woody teamed up in three films to make Walt Disney $1,970,175,205 ($1.9 billion) in total after 3 films.

Finding Nemo

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After Finding Nemo, Disney Pixar released Finding Dory which together have earned Disney Pixar a huge $1,968,906,425 ($1.9 billion)

Kung Fu Panda

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Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda after just three films made $1,818,607,666 ($1.8 billion).


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Awwww, we loved this one, didn’t we? Lightning  McQueen and his squad got fired up with $1,701,561,439 ($1.7 billion) after five films.

Monsters, Inc.

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The Monsters you love have made $1,321,655,171 ($1.3 billion) after two films.

How To Train Your Dragon

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At number ten is “How to train your Dragon” with $1,116,416,278 ($1.1 billion) after its second film.


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