This Is Why You Should Always Look Up To Naa Ashorkor

Sometimes, when people like Rasheeda take center stage in the media spotlight, people start complaining about how crocked our society has become.

Then we have Naa Ashokor Adodoaji (Mensah-Doku) sharing her adorable baby bump photos then we know that there is still some good left in Ghana.

Kuulpeeps, just in case you don’t know, Naa Ashorkor has given birth to a baby boy after haven reportedly suffered a miscarriage earlier.

We love Naa Ashorkor (not the same way Mr. Adodoaji), her beautiful life story and the amazing choices she has made in her life.

Check out Naa Ashorkor the school girl. Did she know she would mature to be this amazing person?

Naa Ashorkor makes it a point to have fun and relax.

She made the ultimate lifetime decision. She is reaping the rewards from it. Go girl! (snap!)

Just in case you’ve forgotten that her beautiful wedding

Yes, we know it’s just wonderful

Love is everything, we see you Naa!

A walk into the sunset

Though she is married she has been able to juggle married life and being a working woman

Yaaasssss, she works in television as well

Did we mention she is an actress as well? She has starred in “Perfect Picture”, “Scorned” among others.

Though there’s a husband and work to worry about at take up all her time, she still gets her “me” time. No matter what you do, you deserve some “me” time too.

Married life also means, deciding on when to give birth. She definitely had Lydia Contraceptive to help her with birth control.

So she can have as much fun because she knew Lydia Contraceptives had her back.

And when she was ready, bam! it happened…

She got a boy anyways….. Congratulations Naa


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