#SMWiAccra: Here Are The Social Media Hacks Biishville Uses To Get Us Full

Becoming a chef in Ghana is not an easy thing to do. You don’t just wake up one day and decide to be a chef.

However, in that process of becoming a chef and reaching your target audience, social media seems to have made it a little easier than it used to.

Kwame Amfo-Akonor (Biishville) has ssuccefully used social media over the years get new clients and them updated on his events.

According to Biishville, social media has even influenced the kind of food he cooks for his clients.

Check out what he told Social Media Week Accra on he uses social media to grow his business, you can pick a thing or two!

SMWiAccra: What inspired your cooking?

Biishville: I’ve always been passionate about food. I’m inspired by African flavors and spices and want to put African food on the international platform.

SMWiAccra: African foods are definitely making strides internationally but why Private chef? Is Social media behind that thinking?

Biishville: Starting the business, I wanted to do something different and I also wanted to share my love for African food with families. Also, the traditional African setting where families used to sit together to eat is getting lost so I wanted to revive that experience. Social media played a role by helping me make a survey.

SMWiAccra‏:  …and your choice of food? Does social media influence that too?

Biishville: It does, I use Pinterest a lot to source recipes and it’s been very helpful. My menus are sometimes influenced by my findings.

SMWiAccra‏: Pinterest also comes into play here, wow! Another great insight people. Who’s writing them down? Your events, what goes into creating the buzz? Does social media have any influence in this aspect too?

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Biishville: I post all upcoming events and release reservations links on all my social media platforms. My clients are able to make reservations and also get all necessary information and updates.

SMWiAccra‏: How does social media influence your nomadic dining experience?

Biishville: I leverage on social media a lot. I use it to promote the business through advertisements, posting images of food as well as images from events

SMWiAccra‏: Great, we’ll love to have a taste of your sumptuous meals. Hope we’re invited?

Biishville: Yes of course! See you guys soon and come along with Prisca Dede Quarshie. I need a new design for the chef’s hat.


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