Here Are The 17 Interesting Handles You Need For A Lit Twitter Experience

Twitter is a complicated place to be. We all know this.

Most of us created accounts, and then disappeared for months because we were so confused.

Some of us went back, got the hang of it, loved it and stayed. Others went back, considered it boring and gave up.

Well, welcome to your very own mini directory to enjoying twitter.

The next time you open your twitter app, just look out for these people and follow them ASAP so you can wake your timeline up!!! There are more but these are just to get you started.

Let’s start with the funnies.

We all like to laugh don’t we? Laughter brings joy and also helps relieve stress. Following one or better still, all of these accounts will leave you with side stitches all day!!


This guy makes some pretty hilarious skits and just going through his media will leave you gasping for air!



This guy is usually funny but what makes his account even better is his interactions. He’s constantly asking questions you can have fun answering and sometimes, he calls for people to share their experiences concerning one thing or the other.



If you love sarcasm and witty people, he’s your guy!! This guy constantly has us chuckling while scrolling down our TL because of the replies he usually has to various tweets from other people.



Interesting username and he follows back so here’s one follower for you if you have none. He can be funny too but…you can follow his WordPress link to check out some of his ridiculous stories. They don’t call him the allo story teller for nothing.


Now for the sports freaks. Want to stay up to date on sports? Then follow these guys


She’s a sports broadcaster and gives up to date news and information on our local sports teams. Ask her anything regarding sports and she’d be willing to answer for you.



He is the head of sports at TV3 and occasionally does round up of African Sports on the BBC World Service



Follow this Joy FM journalist to get up to date news on all things sports. He also works with Al Jazeera, BBC



This sports journalist works with Citi fm. You can get updates from his show on the station.


For the News junkies,

First and foremost, follow @kuulpeeps

For all campus and beyond news, you can trust this handle. It’s one of the most interactive, informative and fun news accounts on twitter. We’ve got some pretty interesting articles too. Just take a look around the site after reading this .



You can get updates on news on politics and more as well as updates on the shows on Joy FM.



This is the official TV3 News account for TV3…yeah the one you see on TV.


Music lovers!!! We gotchu!

Go ahead and follow all these accounts;



Their #NitroTop5 is a must see. It suggests top 5 songs you need to have on your playlist every week.



Need an account that will give you links to the newest local songs?? Check out these two as well;




Now go ahead and bring your timeline to life!!!





























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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