The Hustle Of Acquiring A Drivers License In Ghana; This Guy Claims He Was Deliberately Failed To Get Him To Pay Bribe

Have you ever tried acquiring a driver’s license in Ghana? What has been your experience?

Did you really take that computerized exam yourself or you enlisted the help of a DVLA employee to get that 27/30 score for your driving test?

Michael Horlasi tried acquiring his driver license and he claims he had a firsthand experience of corruption at the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA).

He posted his story on Facebook and this caught the attention of the “social justice fighters”.

“I wrote the DVLA exams today and I believed I will get at least 27/30. But when the result came I got 15/30. Corruption ‘paa’ this? When I protested, somebody told me until I pay 300 cedis, there is no way I can pass,” Michael wrote.

“When I contacted my driving school administrator, she told me that is the procedure. In fact, when I was leaving to the DVLA this morning, the driving school administrator asked me if I would like the people to write for me or I will like to write myself.”

“My simple question is why can’t we write the exams on a paper and after it is marked, the papers will be given back to us to see which ones were wrong? Somebody is hiding behind software to make THOUSANDS of Ghana Cedis a day…”

But Michael’s post got others to defend the DVLA after Mabel Aku Baneseh posted his write up on her timeline.


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