Ghanaian Artist’s Street Art Work In London Has Sparked A Racism Debate On Social Media

Ghanaians in the diaspora are just getting their hands dirty and making the motherland super proud of them.

The latest Ghanaian to make us proud is Street Artist, Neequaye Dreph Dsane, who has set out to celebrate black British women with his latest project.

The 43-year-old artist told Channel 4 News that his project called, You Are Enough, is paying tribute to ordinary women – who are doing extraordinary things.

Neequaye is celebrating these ordinary women by painting their images on walls across London.

The women who have become the subject of Neequaye’s art are ordinary people who work in care homes, serve as youth mentors, campaign against sexual violence and inspire other women to be stronger and empowered.

Though Neequaye’s work is immortalizing these brave unsung heroines, it has also become the centre of racist debate on twitter.


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