Meet Kensley Ayanna; A Beautiful Baby Girl With A Rare Genetic Disorder

Kensley Ayanna is a five months old baby girl who was born with a rare genetic disorder called Anophthalmia. It is the medical condition which describes a baby born without eyes or the absence of one or both eyes.


According to her mother, Kiara Scott, when little Kensley was born on 15th March, 2017 at 5:34 am, she had a big lump under her left eye and her eyes were swollen.

She and her fiancee were devastated when the doctors broke out the news to them that they didn’t find anything.

Her parents Kiara Scott and Kyle Slaughter decided to start a ten thousand dollars ‘gofundme’ campaign for her treatment and ended up raising fourteen thousand dollars.

Kuulpeeps wishes Kensley Ayanna and her family all the best in the future, and we hope she gets the necessary treatment she needs.

Kiara Scott spoke about Kensley, Ablefinder, an Instagram handle that shares stories of children living with rare diseases.

Her statement is so inspiring and we want you to read it in full:

“When we found out I was having a baby girl, I was so excited and started planning her whole life out in my head. Dance schools, gymnastics, modelling etc. All cute things that little girls do. And to top it off, my best friend proposed to me, taking the next step to making our family one! Life was looking up and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

I ate all kinds of healthy foods, drank the best water, Google was life and avocado became my best friend lol. The day came on 3.15.2017 at 5:34am after having labour pains for almost two days. It was a natural and easy birth and God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl – Kensley Ayanna.

But I noticed something.. it was a big lump under her left eye and her eyes were swollen. I asked the nurses and doctors I saw that day and everyone told me it would go down, not to worry about it. But I pressed on because I wanted her to open her eyes.. to see me and her dad.

The next day we were hit with heart breaking news. “We didn’t find any”, is what they said to us. My heart fell to my stomach. My fiancé broken like never before. In an instant it pulled us closer together.

With my mom by my side, they helped me to be STRONG. I had no other choice. It felt like a dream. My baby girl has a rare genetic disorder called Anophthalmia (born without eyes). Like what? Why me? Why her? But I soon realised what was best for her was me and what was best for me was her! Today I no longer have those questions.

God makes no mistakes. During ultrasounds she would cover her face or turn her head because she was meant to be here. I will treat my daughter as normal because she is normal.

A healthy baby girl who has the advantage of not seeing the ugliness in the world the way I do. To meet and love someone for who they are, not what they see.

To surpass all limitations and expectations. Kensley will have to work a little harder but yes, I will see to it as her mother that NOTHING stands in her way.

For now, my eyes are hers and I will show my daughter nothing but how to be the strongest and smartest black woman there is with all the confidence in the world!” ❤️✨”



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