This Is Why IBM’s New 330TB Chip Could Be A Life Saver

IBM scientists have been able to capture 330 TB of uncompressed data into a tiny cartridge. This sounds like great news to the media companies and especially to individuals who have storage problem. IBM is here for you. The problem with this new innovation is that it is not yet ready for sale to the public and IBM has not confirmed its launch yet.

But Kuulpeeps, if you get your hands on this chip, you never have to worry about not having enough space to copy a movie.

Yes, we can promise you that.

If you have a storage problem, as we all do, imagine if you had this 330 TB cartridge, and an average size of a movie is 1.5 GB. Do you know the number of movies you can store on this drive? It will literally cover an entire life time of movies. You don’t believe us?

Let’s go back to maths class,

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If 1 TB = 1,000 GB
Therefore, 330 TB = 330,000 GB
On the average, 1.5 GB = 1 movie
Therefore, 330,000 GB = 220,000 movies

That means, the 330TB chip can store 220,000 movies!

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Now, why are we saying 220,000 movies is an entire lifetime?

Assuming on the average a movie last for about 3 hours.
Meaning 1 movie = 3 hours
Therefore, 220,000 movies = 660,000 hours
Let’s now calculate the number of days and years it will take to watch 220,000 movies from a cartridge of size 330 TB.
24 hours make a day = 1 day
660,000 hours = 27,500 days

Yes, if you want to watch all the movies this chip can store, you’ll need 27,500 days to do that.

Moving on,
If 365 days = 1 year
then 27,500 days = 75.3 years
In a nutshell, if every movie is at least 3 hours long, it will take the average person, 75 years to watch all the 220,000 movies this chip can store.

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Basically, IBM has created a chip that can store movies that could take you 75 years to watch it all, that’s if you do nothing and you spend all your time watching movies.

Kuulpeeps, will you ever buy such a memory chip?

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