7 Things You Would Relate To If You Don’t Watch Game Of Thrones.

Game of Thrones resumed a few weeks ago and it looks like everyone is watching…well except you. That’s why you’re here right?
All these are your everyday struggles;


People always look shocked when you say you don’t watch Game of Thrones

People assume everyone watches Game of Thrones and so anytime someone starts talking about the show and you say ‘ermm excuse me, I don’t watch it’ then they’d do a 360 with their mouths and shout why!! Don’t mind them. You are not the only person in this world who hasn’t seen the show. Maybe you should start a non-watchers club. You’d be surprised the number of people who’d sign up.


Monday Mornings Are Extra Stressful

Monday mornings had nothing special to it. All you did was go to school or work and moan about Mondays like everyone else but now, everyone else is hyped on Mondays. Everyone at school/work is talking about the last episode they just watched and your ears are filled with “charley you get the new episode?”


Someway somehow, you know the key characters in the show

You don’t watch it, have never seen the show before but you know there’s a Jon Snow and dragons because everyone around you will. Not. Shut. Up. about the show!! You don’t even know what they do or what they’ve done. What’s winter? Why has it come? What does it do?


Social Media is not that fun anymore

You used to love scrolling through your phone checking your twitter feed, IG and Facebook, laughing at jokes and liking people’s pictures but now, the whole experience is just a nightmare. Every joke has to do with Game of thrones now and you can’t laugh because it MAKES NO SENSE!! And everyone is still talking about the show all over your TL.


Your friends keep pestering you to watch

If you were to get a cedi for every time someone says you should watch the show, you’d be a billionaire rolling by in your Bentley.


You get left out of conversations with friends

You find yourself staring blankly at the wall while your friends discuss, break apart and dissect the episodes of the show and all the different conspiracy theories about the characters in the show. Candy Crush is now your only best friend.



The word GOT means nothing to you.

For you, GOT just means got. It’s just the past tense of get … nothing special here.


Know what you can do? Spend this new found alone time to learn something new, make friends with other non-GOT people or if you love to read, get a book to read. Ignore your GOT possessed friends. They’d return.




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