UPDATE: The Uber Driver Who Sent The Life Threatening SMS To A Customer Has Been Arrested

The Uber driver who sent the life threatening SMS to a customer who cancelled her trip has been arrested by the police.

Mabel Aku Baneseh, the sister of the said customer who was threatened by the Uber posted a screen shot of the SMS on Facebook.

Since then a lot of people have taken to social media bash Uber and the driver.

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“Never think you are going to get it easy for making me drive here and wasted fuel. I’m going to deal with you spiritually. I give you 3 days and you will learn from that,” Abass said in the threatening SMS to the customer.


Mabel just put on her Facebook that the “Uber driver who threatened my sister with death because she cancelled a trip has been arrested by the Agbogba Police.”

According to Mabel, her sister also received a call from Uber’s office in Italy. They apologized and promised to act on the issue.


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