Ashesi Students Claim All Of You Have Been Lying About Them


Ashesi University College has one of the coolest and refreshing campuses you could ever find. From the giant chess board, to the donor wall and friendly lecturers, Ashesi is definitely a nice place to be.

Now that we have established that Ashesi is a cool school, not everything that you have heard about the school is true. Some of the popular Ashesi myths are basically weird and outright lie.

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These 8 Ashesi myths are just that, nothing more.

Everyone owns a mac books

Majority of the student population own Lenovo think pads and a few own mac books. Students also own other laptop brands such as; HP, Toshiba, Yoga, Sony, etc.

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Everyone is a debee

I will admit Ashesi is a debee school. I mean intercontinental dishes are served on the menu, the lecturers are cool to hang out with, prestigious guests such as Sangu Delle, His Excellency Nana Akuffo-Addo, Manifest and the lots visiting campus. But not everyone is a debee.

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Don’t drink alcohol or smoke

Just because alcohol is not allowed in campus doesn’t mean Ashesi students don’t drink or smoke.

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Job access after graduation

One of the tails most students heard before entering into the institution is a guaranteed job after graduation. This is not sure banker. You have to move out and look for it.

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Book long

Do we really like studying??? I guess the main reason could be just to up the GPA and stay in the institution or perhaps your parents pay so much for nothing.

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Don’t party

Although there is so much academic work and extracurricular activities to do both on campus and off campus, it does not mean we do not get the chance to party or go out of town to chill.

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Bombers i.e. like to spend money

Just because the fees is one of the highest among other institutions doesn’t mean we like we go on a spending spree. Not every Ashesi student is a millionaire and not everyone pays the full Ashesi fees. There are students who live on scholarship. By the way, there are some people who are chisel like that.

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We do call some of our lecturers and staff by their first names or nick names. For example; the president is referred to as Patrick, or the Associate Dean of Students and Community Affairs is referred to as TK. But that does not mean that we are disrespectful. Ashesi is an environment where people are allowed to express themselves freely without offending the third party.

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