Someone Called Ghanaian Girls Unfriendly And Twitter Went Crazy

Twitter is always chirping about one thing or the other. It’s like a village where one loud whisper from someone’s corner can set the whole place ablaze.

Today’s whisper came all the way from Diaspora Twitter (aka Abrokyire twitter) and it woke every Ghanaian woman up!!

So a certain Melika Boateng tweeted this last night.

At first we were all confused because well,…the only fried we know has a lot to do with kelewele.

The Twitter analysts tried to help but…

way too over analytic.

Finally, fortunately, someone came to the rescue and explained:

This opened the doors to a whole new ‘’ share your experiences” session for abrokyire twitter;

Then just when we thought someone was about to save our girls…

Someone else tried to save the Ghanaians by pushing it to Nigeria but…

Until finally someone ‘revealed’ exactly why our Ghanaian ladies were so…fried.

Another run some tests and well, the conclusion was obvious

A couple of girls were just waiting to get a savior to come to their rescue but…that dream was quickly shut down


And of course. Ghanaian guys didn’t hesitate to make fun of their Queens


In truth, most of the GH girls could not be bothered

But the real hero of the day was this one

So, now, if you call someone fried and they don’t get it, just refer them to this article. They’re probably on Facebook and won’t hear about this till 5-10 years later.



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