PHOTOS: When Hanging Out With Kuulio Became A Thing At #TidalRave2017

Tidal Rave 2017 was definitely Kuulio’s.

He stole the spot light. Sarkodie and EL would have fought Kuulio to gain attention from their fans if Kuulio had gone on Tidal Rave stage.

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Kuulio was the guy the lady’s crushed on and the cool guy all the men wanted to hang out with.

He was the guy in the middle of the hearty conversation.

If you were at Tidal Rave and you didn’t get a photo with this celeb? Then why did you come?

Check out some of the photos below:

You didn’t your picture with Kuulio in our photos? Don’t worry, just tag us in the photo on social media and we will add it to our gallery.

Issa kuul thing….


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