Who Does That? This Guy Was Learning For An Exam At Tidal Rave!

Oh my God! We can’t believe this!!!!!

It’s Tidal Rave.

The music is LOUD

The girls are hot………….

So who in their right element would be learning at Tidal Rave?

Warris dat?

This guy was seen studying in one of the buses that joined the longest convoy from the Accra Mall to the Tidal Rave House at Kokrobite.

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If for anything at all, this guy really has a goal to achieve.

On one hand he wants to enjoy the party at the beach and on the other he wants to pass his upcoming exams.

This is Agyemang Badu Kingsley’s first time at Tidal Rave and he claims he didn’t “want to miss out on the opportunity to hang out and have fun” with his friends at Tidal Rave

“I am 80 per cent sure I will not fail my exams just because I came to party at Tidal Rave.”

Agyemang, who happens to be a University of Ghana student said attending Tidal Rave while he had an exam to prepare for does not mean he is not concerned about his exams.

You think we made this story up?

Here’s a video evidence…



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