#LOUD #TidalRave2017; Nothing Is Better Than This!!!!

Take a deep breathe


Hold it



Hold it



Hold it


……..today is #TidalRave2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are going to be #LOUD in a super Kuul way at the Tidal Rave House at Kokrobite.

We know you are getting ready to meet us at the Accra Mall and join the longest convoy ever to the Tidal Rave House!!!

If you don’t believe that we are going LOUD this year, these are a series of puzzles we have put together to unlock the Tidal Rave vibes in you….


This video below should get you in the mood, straight up

Then this one will

Have you got rusty dance moves? Don’t worry, this video will help you get your groove back for today

Are you done with your dancing crash course? Because EL is coming…………..


DJ Vyrusky will be doing his tins tins to jam the party at the beach


……. and then The HIGHEST will do you know what……..

Wild thoughts at Tidal Rave

You need to find Kuulio and Kuulpeeps at the Tidal Rave House…….


Just in case you have a bad sense of direction but Tidal Rave is getting you out of your crib…..


#TidalRave2017 #LOUD


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