Here’s What You Missed At Last Year’s Tidal Rave

If you’ve been living in a cave all this while and still haven’t heard, Tidal Rave is happening on the 29th of July.

If you don’t know what Tidal Rave is…

… how long have you been hibernating???

So, last year, of course Tidal Rave was fuuuunnn!!

If you were there, *high 5*!! let’s relive the moments together.

If you weren’t… sit back, and get ready to have regrets!

Let’s Throwback….

The Convoy

Don’t be fooled. This isn’t any traffic wahala. Its the official Tidal Rave convoy to the venue open to any Tidal Raver.

Classy huh?

The occasional rest stops made, which of course, allowed for some quality socialization

Great opportunity to look sharp and grab a partner to rave with right?

The variety of games we got to enjoy



The fine FINE girls!!!!!

you could have been like the guy on the right, crushing on from afar but…




Ladies, the eye-candy!!!!Fine Fine guys!!!



The very necessary ‘detty” yourself moments…


Are you regretting not being a part of last year’s edition yet?


Look, you could have been a part of these people enjoying solid performances but…

How are you feeling now??

You’re trying to remember why you didn’t go last year right?

What exactly were you thinking!!!??

Now go. Go get a Tidal Rave ticket let’s see you at Kokrobite next weekend.












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