We Took A Trip Down The Haircut Memory Lane And You Won’t Believe What We Found

Till the 2000s, most guys had very little to care about their fashion choices. Slip on a T-shirt, grab a pair of denims and sneakers and they are good to go.

One thing every guy gives particular attention to is his hair. A little change in the hair cut change your face from a clown to aRichard Mofe-Damijo.

Trust me! Most guys care about how their hair looks than what shirt matches which trousers.  Like everything fashion, haircuts could not stand the test of time and so old have faded for new and the cycle of life is complete.

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Here are some of the “ish” haircuts throughout the years. Pay attention, you might just see how Daddy won momma’s heart. lol..


"The black beret is part of a global revolutionary tradition. It's a global signifier of revolutionary call to action," Chan explains.

At the pinnacle of freedom fighting, men kept a small bushy hair with many giving it an extra touch with a beret. Cool, right?


"To pick out your Afro and wear it so proudly completely resists those forms of discipline that have been on black bodies," Chan says.

The Afro! This has managed to stay in vogue throughout the years. If you weren’t spotting a ‘fro in the 70s, you were merely existing.


"One thing this video can do is show a kind of history of the present, and when we see The Weeknd performing, we see a little bit of Basquiat's essence," says Chan.

The fro’ kept a good fight. Men in the 80s just had to style their afro or keep them unkempt.


"Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was actually an interesting symbol. We have, in the case of Will Smith's character, this person trying to mediate middle-class existence coming from the inner city."

We see this hairstyle and all we can say is Damn!

Yep, Will Smith rocked it too


Western culture had fully penetrated every sector by early 2000 including entertainment and fashion breeding a daring set of youngsters who were not afraid to try braids.



The dread cut is for stylish and daring people.


Borrowing from the 90’s, the flat top made a reentry to the fashion scene.


Wowza! The three steps samples three different haircuts into one.

There you go! Let’s just sit tight and see what the new crop of youngsters come up with.

Photo Credit: Buzzfeed


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