Here’s How to Make Some Extra Money As An International Student

So you recently got a scholarship to go study your dream course in some university somewhere in the USA and you’re already worrying about how to make enough to stuff a suitcase full of goodies to bring to your friends and family back in Ghana.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make some extra cash while getting that degree.

First of all, Wow the Americans with the Ghanaian culture.

Before you take off, get some beautiful African prints (The printex and vliscos etc). Learn how to make bags and shoes and sell them!!

Look, you can even make these beautiful clothes from the colorful print and sell them!! Trust me, you’d make enough money and put Ghana on the map in your small little corner.

And oh don’t forget to rock these things yourself because…what better way to advertise huh?

So some of you are probably looking confused, thinking “sewing looks so hard.”

Well, there’s something easier and simpler to do.


Bead making.

You can get beautiful African beads anywhere in the market at very affordable prices. Get them and have fun testing your creativity by stringing them together to make beautiful bracelets, necklaces and earrings for sale!!!

Everyone would love it!!!


Now, there’s also braiding.

We are not saying open up a salon but look, have you heard anyone come back to Ghana to complain about braiding and how expensive it is in the states?


In fact, notice how that particular aunt comes down to Ghana to visit and then makes sure she gets braids installed before she goes back on the plane?

Ah ha!.

It’s not necessarily because she loves your hairdresser.

It’s basically because she knows it’s way cheaper braiding in Ghana!! You pay 20 to 30 cedis for braids and you weep. Well, people pay as much as 150 dollars just to have cornrows on their heads.

That’s about 600 cedis. 600 GHANAIAN cedis!!!

The wheels are turning in your head right now right?

It’s not really hard learning all these skills off the internet too.

So you better get your skills on and go make that money, braiding hair and getting rich!


But hey! If you’re like some of us and you can’t learn a skill even if they put your head in flames, don’t worry.
There’s something for you too.

Unlike in Ghana, working in a restaurant is not really a humiliating job. You can make money doing dishes which shouldn’t be hard considering the fact that we’ve been our parent’s personal dishwashers from the time we were little.

You could also serve drinks or food in restaurants or bars especially on your campuses. It usually isn’t hard getting jobs on campus as they even encourage employing students .

You can also work in some shops as attendants and be paid by the hour!!

Now there is something called Work Study as well.

Sounds boring but it’s not bad at all.

Certain schools provide part time jobs for students mostly those with financial needs.

Students are basically allowed to engage in community service or most importantly, work related to your course of study

So you could be studying and working in the school’s library or lab and the great thing here is that, you can actually learn more while making money!!

Now there you go!! you’ve got all these options now. Think about them when you get to travel ‘outside’ to pursue your studies.

Your ‘borga’ status is at stake!


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