Charlotte Osei Hosts A Lunch Party Despite The Possibility of Facing Impeachment From Office

The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission will face Parliament this week to answer questions bothering on financial misappropriation at the EC.

Her summons to Parliament comes after what looks like internal wrangling among the top hierarchy of the EC.

Some of the workers of the EC have even petitioned the President and the Chief Justice to launch an impeachment process against Charlotte Osei.

But charlotte is also fighting back the best way she knows how, last week, she released statement that responded to 27 allegations that have been leveled against her while making some allegations of her own against some of her deputies.

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With all these going on, you would think Charlotte Osei would recoil into her shell, cut social engagements and ride out this storm.

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But no, she is doing the exact opposite. She probably wouldn’t be the leader she is if she recoiled whenever she faced work problems.

Over the weekend, Charlotte Osei hosted lunch for the 2017 MILEAD fellows that features young female leaders from all over Africa.

“Amazing afternoon spent with Africa’s next generation female leaders! 2017 MILEAD fellows rock! #milead2017#africarocks”, she said in her Instagram post.

The lunch was also attended by Sandra Ankobiah, Barbara Mahama (Late Major Maxwell Mahama’s widow) and Nana Aba Anamoah.


You can see some of the photos below:


Photo Credit: Charlotte Osei/Nana Aba Anamoah


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