#UgFeesMustFall: UG-SRC Has Presented A Petition To The Management


The University of Ghana Students’ Representative Council (UG-SRC) has issued a petition to the university’s management calling for a downward revision of their 2017/2018 academic year fees.

Their petition outlined a number of “anomalies identified” in the scheduled fees for the academic year.

“Upon critical analysis of the components of the fees, the following components are considered

unjustified and should be expunged from the bill on the basis of their duplicity”, their petition said.

These included;

  • Registration
  • Vaccination
  • Clinical skills for veterinary medicine students in the first, second and third years
  • Infrastructural Development Levy for students in the College of Health Science
  • Clinical Simulation for students in the COHS
  • Field trip for students in the school of Agriculture-degree programs
  • Student Affairs Management

They also accused management of generalizing bench fees among the College of Basic and Applied Sciences that has been designed to include students from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Though the students do not take part in any such practical work to warrant such charges.

UG SRC also claimed there was a repetition of the Students Affairs Management of GHS12.00 as University charges and Approved Service Charges, among others.

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To resolve these challenges, UG SRC made a number of proposals to the university’s management.

They are as follows:

  • The Students’ Representative Council requests management to publish the various components that constitutes the Academic Facilities User Fee.
  • The SRC further implores management to publish a breakdown of the components that constitute tuition fees for students in the Accra City Campus and subject it to review and reduction.
  • The SRC proposes the institutionalization of a policy that would require that the computation of the fees is solely based on the projected inflation rate for the year.
  • The SRC requests a complete outline of the components that constitute residential fees and proposes that the University legislates against residential fees being affected by inflation rates.
  • The Students’ Representative Council recommends a 50/50 percentage payment modality across board (Regular main, Fee-paying main, Accra city campus, Distance Education Students).



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