All You Need To Know About The Feud Between Tornado, Afia Schwarznegger And Delay

Emil Wood (Nana Tornado) seemed to be pretty much the most loyal friend that Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) must have had up until recently.

Let us take this story a few years back.

When Afia Schwarznegger was acting alongside Nana Tornado in the Delay produced TV series, “Afia Schwarznegger”, the series came to an abrupt halt when Afia Schwarznegger  came out and reportedly stated that Delay didn’t treat her well and blahhh.

That led to the heated argument between Delay and Afia Schwarznegger with Nana Tornado obviously supporting Delay.

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Fast forward to 2016, when Delay interviewed Nana Tornado on her Delay Show.

Nana Tornado in that interview didn’t mince words in throwing shades at Afia Schwarznegger and insinuating that her exit from the show was even good.


Now we are in 2017 and Tornado this time around is calling Delay names for allegedly saying she picked both he and Korkor (the current Afia Schwarznegger character) from the slums and made them relevant people.

In an interview, Nana Tornado is heard saying that Delay is ungrateful, brags a lot and yet has nothing.


He has also gone ahead to apologise to Afia Schwarznegger for all that he did a couple of years ago.

In a response to Nana Tornado’s apology, Afia Schwarznegger asked him to forgive Delay in a post she put up on Instagram.



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