19-Year-Old Self Taught Coder Has Built A Video Streaming Website That Rivals Google And YouTube

Before graduating from high school in 2015, Gabriel Opare swore to pursue entrepreneurship as a means of escaping the increasing rate of joblessness in the country.

He set out to build a search engine more powerful than Google.

He failed but ended up building two breakthrough web products; a search engine more powerful than Google Video Search and an advertisement network to complement it.

Gabriel begun building Mudlco, his video streaming site, immediately after high school.

However, it won’t be until after two years that Gabriel’s dream of building his site was achieved.

Mudclo is a web service that allows users to search, discover and stream millions of video content from multiple destinations across the web.

He begun building Mudclo in 2015 but launched it early this year.

Gabriel’s story is more inspirational because he is currently a full time sociology student at the University of Ghana and he taught himself how to code by taking online courses.


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