These Shop Attendants Closed Their Shop An Hour Earlier Than They Should Have And This Happened

While the cat’s away, the mice will play.

Our elders said this and it has always proven to be true.

Well, it’s our nature to conform only when someone in authority is monitoring.

This attitude is also partly to blame for Ghana’s problems.

These shop attendants, must have had a bad day yesterday and they will surely be in hot waters this morning with their boss.

This is what happened, according to the narration of Pope Dee Barnabas IV, when he tried to shop in one of the The Junction Mall shops.


A shop closes at 9:00pm (inscription outside)

Attendants and security plan together and close it at 8:09pm and when I get there they said it’s closed so I should come tomorrow.

We went round the shop and saw an emergency number and we called and reported. Before we could say jack the security man had reopened the shop. I went to call people to enter and come and shop ‘koraaa’

Shop owners are spending thousands of dollars to keep their businesses running. They hire people who act vulnerable and start misbehaving when they get the job.

Our work ethic in this town is very suspect!

This post is to encourage you to be vigilant and stand your ground and fight for the right thing to be done.

What we wanted ‘koraaa’ we didn’t get but we stayed at the shop with them till 9:00pm so they would learn sense”.

What a day at work they will have today!


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