10 Countries That Have Legalized Marijuana But Yet Have Conditions Attached

The bid to legalize marijuana, a drug considered to be harmful to the body, has been the major concern to many countries across the globe.

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There has been a seemingly unending argument as to whether the drug is safe or unsafe for consumption, which has led to series of research on the drug but still remained illegal in certain countries, while others have legalized it for medical reasons with certain conditions.

Here are some countries that allow the usage of marijuana but with certain conditions.

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Marijuana in Spain is not criminalized as long as you smoke it in private. It is only legal for private use only at home. However, it’s illegal to transport it or sell it.


Portugal has decriminalized the possession and consumption of cannabis as long as you do not have more that 10-days supply. You can’t also sell them but can transport and grow your own.

United States

Possession of weed is illegal in the US at the Federal level but legal in some states; Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska.


Marijuana is legalized in the Netherlands for use in the coffee shops (not the normal cafes). Such products are available and can be smoked at designated coffee shops.


The country in 2013 has legalized the use of marijuana for people with the age over 18 with 10 grams or less of drugs.


Romania legalized marijuana in October 2013. The law allows people to carry products that contain cannabis compounds but not the green itself. It’s legal for medical use under certain conditions.


Growing pots in Colombia is allowed in smaller quantities. In 2012, the country has decriminalized the possession of marijuana up to 20 grams, still smoking in public is still illegal.


Though medical marijuana is legalized in Canada, the selling of weed is technically illegal in the country. However, it is legalized and regulated by some cities.

Czech Republic

Medical marijuana is legalized in Czech Republic but the drug law does not consider usage of the drug a criminal offense, just possession in larger quantities. It is technically illegal but possession up to 15 grams is decriminalized and the purchase of 15 grams is legal country.


The country legalized marijuana on a national scale in 2014. It is legal to grow, sell and also consume cannabis in Uruguay. However, only pharmacies are allowed to sell the drug to citizens of 18 and above who are on government registry.




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