Police Reportedly Give One Week Ultimatum To Unauthorized Siren Users

Ghana Police
A police armoured tank barricades the main road leading to the headquaters of the Ghanaian Electoral Commission before the commission announced the final results of the presidential and parliamentary elections in Accra on December 10, 2008. The country's security forces said they were stepping up security as part of its post-election plan to keep law and order -- mounting check points along main streets in the capital and increase joint police and military patrols, said police spokesman Kwesi Ofori. AFP PHOTO PIUS UTOMI EKPEI

The Ghana Police Service has given a one-week ultimatum to persons who have unlawfully installed sirens in their vehicles to dismantle them or face the law.

According to the service, it has noted with concern the unauthorized use of sirens and horns by some motorists in the country.

A statement signed by the Director of Public Affairs of the Police Service, Superintendent Cephas Arthur, said only specific state vehicles, ambulance, bullion vans among others, are expected to have and use the sirens and horns.

It warned that, institutions that have also installed and are using the sirens and horns must cease the practice or face prosecution.

It further said the service would embark on a nation-wide exercise to arrest the offenders after the grace period.

 Read the full statement below: 


The Police Administration has observed with grave concern the unauthorized installation and use of Horns and Sirens as regulated by Regulation 74 of the Road Traffic Regulations of 2012 (L.I. 2180).

Regulation 74(2) of L.I. 2180 provides that … a person shall not fit on a motor vehicle a warning appliance other than a type approved by the Licensing Authority (DVLA).The law is therefore clear on who can install and use motor vehicle warning appliances including bells and sirens in their vehicles.

The law lists categories of entities permitted to install and use sirens and horns. They are listed as follows:

  1. a government vehicle used for official purposes by the Head of State
  2. a Police vehicle
  3. a motor vehicle used by the Fire Service
  4. a motor vehicle used as an ambulance by a hospital or clinic
  5. a motor vehicle used by other recognized Government security agencies
  6. a bullion vehicle registered by the Licensing Authority.


It is therefore an offence for any person not within the above listed entities to install or use sirens and horns.

The Police hereby wishes to caution all unauthorized persons and institutions who have installed and using sirens and horns to cease the practice, since defaulters shall be prosecuted.

The warning also goes to authorized users to desist from abusing the facility, as they shall face the law upon arrest.

The Police Administration is going to embark on nation-wide exercise to enforce the law. A grace period of one-week, starting today, is granted for all the unauthorized horns and sirens to be dismantled before the exercise begins.

The public is hereby advised to take note of this release and comply accordingly.



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