Trigmatic Takes A Swipe At GHAMRO And Is Called ‘Ignorant’

The things that are given precedence in our country lately is a bit confusing.

The Ghana Music Rights Organization  (GHAMRO) came out at some point this year to state that they were going to start collecting royalties from churches for using their music during church service.

Oh??? You haven’t heard????

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We having been wondering what at all informed this decision and why they decided to start with the churches.The nightclubs are there. Even the “spinners” too are there (those who play at ‘gbonyo’ parties and things). All these people have not paid royalties but yet we want to collect royalties from the churches.

When we were here minding our business, Trigmatic decided to be the voice of the voiceless and speak up to tell them how legitimately unreasonable their idea was.

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It is even hard to understand or picture how they are going to be collecting the toll. The churches they are everywhere ooooo… Classrooms and things…even their own MUSIGA office is being rented out for church service… (look at these people….can we be serious please)

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And if your organization brings out a statement and someone has opinion about it, should your first step be to call the person ignorant? Won’t it be advisable to actually put out another statement explaining what informed your previous statement? But no you will decide to call someone ignorant.

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Or they think that their members are just going to go with the idea of collecting royalties from churches. Maybe they will or maybe they won’t. Just know Trigmatic is not the first and he wont be the last.

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Unless probably they are going to be calling everyone “ignorant”

But then again what do we know?

We are ‘Ignorant’, abi?

*sips tea*



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