This Is What You Must Know After You Find Out Where You Have Been Posted For NSS

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We are pretty sure a lot of you might have found out where you would be doing your NSS for the next 12 months.

On Behalf of NSS we would like to apologize if you don’t like where you were posted.

If you have links then we thank God, if you don’t have too all the best in all your endeavors.

If you still havent checked too, here is how to go about it

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Back to those who know where they have been posted to.

The steps to registering after knowing your NSS posting is pretty easy.

First of all these are the things you should carry along

  1. A Valid National ID
  2. School ID
  3. E- zwich card
  4. 4 passport pictures 
  5. 3 photocopies of your appointment letter 
  6. 3 photocopies of your Student ID 
  7. 3 photocopies of your National ID

After you get all of these things then you can go through these simple steps  to register

  1. Log onto once you know where you are posted to retrieve your appointment letter. Click Check Postings and download your appointment letter.
  2. Report to the District Office of the NSS in the region you were posted to with your appointment letter so your letter can be endorsed

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3. Proceed to the institution where you were posted so that the person in charge there can also endorse your form and attest to the fact that you reported to your post. Don’t forget to make copies after the letter has been endorsed.

4. Send the fully endorsed letter back to the District Office where you took your appointment letter the first time so that it can be filed.

5. Report at your post on the 1st of September 2017 to begin your national service.

6. Once you begin, you will be required every month to submit a duty reporting form endorsed by the supervisor at the User Agency where you are doing your national service to your NSS District Office. This form is designed not only to facilitate the processing of your allowances, but also to serve as a tool to obtain performance information about you from your supervisor


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