Meet Nicholas Donkoh: The Guy Who Is Driving From Paris to Accra

Nicholas Donkoh is a Ghanaian who lives in Paris, France.

Like most Ghanaians in the diaspora, he decided to come home to visit the family.

But Nicholas had a different idea of how to transport himself from Paris to Ghana.

Instead of taking a flight, Nicholas decided to drive his car from Europe to West Africa.

He is calling it a history making road trip

Nicholas has been documenting his journey down south in a series of videos that have been uploaded on Facebook.

In a  series of the videos, he explains that he first drove from Paris to Spain where he  boarded a boat to Morocco to continue his journey on the road.

When he got to Mauritania, he met a Ghanaian at a restaurant who invited him to his house to enjoy a bowl of fufu with his family.


Nicholas is visiting his family at Tarkwa in the Western Region.

He is currently on the road and he is expected to arrive in Accra on Saturday.

Good job, Kuulpeep!



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