SECURITY ALERT: Ghana Police Has Revealed New Tricks Employed By Robbers

Ghana Police

The Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service has announced a new method being adopted by criminals to rob people of their cars and other valuables.

A ‘crime trend analysis’ statement issued by the CID on Tuesday noted that criminals now lay ambush around people’s homes and attack them at the entrance.

The statement signed by Chief Inspector David Fianko-Okyere for the Director General of Public Affairs encouraged people to up their personal security to ensure safety.

Below is the CID statement


  1. Crime trend analysis by the Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID) indicates that criminals have recently adopted new method of robbing people.
  2. These criminals lay ambush around people’s homes and attack them at the entrance, robbing them of their vehicles and personal valuables usually after close of business.

3.Whilst the Police is seriously tracking these criminals, the public is encouraged A adopt the following personal security measures:

  1. Residents living at isolated places should be extra vigilant and look out for people lurking around their neighborhood.
  2. People living in bushy areas should make effort to clear the bushes to give a clear view of where they stay.
  3. People with vehicles are advised to install tracking systems in their cars.
  4. Community members should adopt good neighborliness and look out for each other to ensure safety of their community.
  5. Members of the public should up their personal security to ensure safety.


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