If You Think Homosexuality Is Weird, Check Out These Sexual Behaviors

In a wake of the fight for gay rights in Ghana, Ghanaians have cited many reasons why the lawmakers should not consider this sexual behavior. To many Ghanaians, homosexuality is weird and not normal. If you are part of this lot, get ready to be mortified.

Here are some unusual sexual behaviors that might just give you itches.

Paraphilic infantilism

Sexual arousal is derived from dressing up like a baby or being treated like one. This may or may not overlap with diaper fetishism, in which a person receives sexual pleasure from wearing or using diapers.

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Sexual arousal is derived from having insects (e.g., ants) crawl all over your body or genitals and (usually) bite or sting you as they do so.

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Sexual pleasure is derived from seeing one’s partner engage in sexual activity with another person, or from knowing that one’s partner is having an affair. A surprisingly high number of men and women appear to have such fantasies.

Getting the creeps yet?

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Sexual pleasure is derived from either having a full bladder, or watching someone else with a full bladder wet themselves. This is separate from urophilia, in which a person experiences arousal in response to urinating on someone else or having someone urinate on them.


Sexual arousal is derived from rubbing up against a non-consenting person in a public place (e.g., on a queue or at a bar).

Bug chasing

Sexual arousal is derived from having sex with (or fantasizing about having sex with) someone who is HIV-positive. Some of these individuals actually hope to catch the infection in the process.

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This sexual pleasure is derived from watching a disaster occur, such as a car accident or fire.

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Sexual arousal is derived from cutting a hole in the pocket of one’s pants in order to masturbate in public without anybody realizing that it’s happening.

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A sexual arousal is derived from the thought of literally either biting another person or being bitten by someone else. Most of these people just fantasize about the act, but some of them actually go through with it.


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