Customs Officers Raid Ronaldo’s Yacht Over Spanish Tax Fraud

​Cristiano Ronaldo had some unexpected visitors on his yacht in Formentera, Spain, as agents of the Customs Tax Agency paid the Real Madrid star a little visit and raided his boat whilst the 32-year-old was enjoying his off-season.

After recently being accused of tax fraud in Spain following what is understood to be for unpaid taxes, it seems no location is off limits as the authorities have performed a routine inspection on Ronaldo whilst he was holidaying in Spain.

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According to the magazine ​Hola – who pictured the event – the Portuguese international was surprised by members of the customs department of the tax agency, conducting a regular examination whilst he was on his yacht with his girlfriend, mother and a group of family and friends.

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Further reports from the magazine suggest Ronaldo returned from dining at a restaurant on the island of Formentera when he was approached by a patrol of armed agents who arrived by boat.

It is understood that they informed the 32-year-old that they were set to carry out an inspection in order to verify that the vessel’s documentation was in order.

The process was said to have lasted around an hour and a half and a member of the striker’s entourage was the one who dealt with the administrative work and showed the agents the documents they required.

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Whereas Ronaldo himself was said to have remained very calm throughout the process as at no time did he make contact with the agents.

Ronaldo is due in court at the end of July to testify in the investigation into his tax affairs who are reportedly looking into claims that he may have defrauded £12.9m over a four-year period.


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