6 Young Characters Who Are Annoying In Movies/TV Shows

Most of the time, there’s always that one person in a movie you hate so much that you can’t wait for something bad to happen to.

Ramsey Bolton was arguably the most hated person on earth for his character in Game of Thrones.

There’re so many annoying characters in movies or TV shows but today let’s take a look at young characters who are annoying to the bone.


King Joffrey (Game of Thrones)

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Wait. Were you expecting anyone else to take the number spot from this dude? In face sef dey bore! This guy was the most annoying character in Game of Thrones and I bet you were so glad when he was poisoned.


Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)

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Apart from the fact that Malfoy was some annoying bully/gang leader, he was a fearoo on top. His hair color was even more boring than his character.


Tariq St Patrick (Power)

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Each time we see this dude in Power, we feel like the episode should end already! Which kind jwon boy is this?


Jasmine (Boondocks)

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We can all agree Jasmine’s naivety is extremely annoying especially as she keeps latching on to Huey asking way too many questions.  Let the guy display his genius in peace!


Clay Jensen (13 Reasons)

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Clay!!! He could have ended the series in just two episodes but no… He had to stretch things out. Even the other characters wondered why he took so long with the tapes!! Most of us got tired of his blank face riding a bike throughout the episodes…NOT LISTENING TO THE TAPES!!!


Nina (Home Sweet Home)

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Nina was another kid who couldn’t keep any secrets. Make sure she doesn’t see you in any indecent act, or dad will know about it.


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