#TheKenkeyChallenge Is Something You Would Be Interested In If You Are A Kenkey Lover

This lady needs absolutely no introduction and if you do not know her too we are sorry we cannot help you.

Caritas Aryee, the young lady who decided to use kenkey to change the lives of people in need.

She is doing that this year too and she always finds ways to keep the vim around it going.

She has a pretty simple challenge with simple rules as well.

  1. Follow @tatasandfriends and @tatasjackiechan
  2. Take a picture or video of your mind blowing kenkey setting
  3. Tag @tatasandfriends and @tatasjackiechan
  4. Use the hashtags #TheKenkeyChallenge and #KenkeyForTheNeedy so images can be viewed easily.
  5. The best 5 will be selected and featured on the @tatasjackiechan page
  6. The image with the most likes wins the competition and gets the chance to go for dinner with his/her partner.

Please when you are done with the kenkey photoshoot and you cannot eat we are here wai.



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