The Glitz Style Awards Nomination Review:Fashion Photographer Of The Year

It will be all glitz and glam at the Movenpick Hotel in August when Ghana’s fashion industry takes center stage.

We have decided to give you an inside gist to guide you in nominating people and brands for the various awards categories.

Yes! you have the power to determine who this year’s celebrated fashion icons will be.

Let’s walk you through the Style Fashion Photographer of the year category.

All those great pictures and moments that wow us are taken by photographers.

With just a camera and lighting, the photographer transforms the ordinary fashion to a timeless moment in time.

The Style Fashion Photographer of the Year acknowledges a fashion photographer who demonstrates a fresh eye with impact, originality and creativity as well as one who creates beautiful images showing how fashion is not just clothing but more of as an art form.

Emmanuel Bobie won this award in 2015 and Gilbert Asante took the award at last year’s event.

Nominations are open, just send the person or a brand’s name together with this category to [email protected]


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