The Glitz Style Awards Nomination Review: Stylish Media Personality Of The Year

Issa Glitz Award thing!

As the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel prepares to host the 2017 Glitz Style Awards, we have decided to give you analysis to guide you in nominating people and brands for the various award categories.

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Let’s take a look at the Stylish Media Personality category.

This category seeks to celebrate a practicing media personnel who has a unique sense of style and carries him or herself in the spirit of fashion and style. The category is a very competitive one as most media personnel are abreast with fashion trends with most having signature style sense.

With categories ever evolving, this category was borne out of the amalgamation of radio, tv and sports personality categories in 2016. Sultry TV and radio presenter, Berla Mundi picked the award last year.

This year, many media personalities like Bola Ray, Akumaa Mama Zimbi, K.O.D, KKD , Caroline among others, will give Berla a run for her money.

To nominate, just send the person’s name and category to [email protected]


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