Boy,16 Marries 71 Year Old Woman.

In Indonesia, the official minimum age for boys to marry is 19 but for any marriage within a person’s ‘religious norms’ that person can marry earlier than constitutionally allowed.

Rohaya, 71 who has been widowed twice, has married  Selamat Riayada who is just 16.

They got married in their home village of Karangendah in the western South Sumatra province of Indonesia.

The couple claim their love for each other was so strong they would commit suicide together if the wedding wasn’t given the go ahead.

“We are so completely in love, if one of us dies then the other must die’, they claimed.

The marriage is not motivated by financial concerns, as the newlyweds are equally poor. His family made a dowry payment to her for £11.50.


See their pictures below:


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