This Is What Nana Akufo, John Mahama & Joel Duncan-Williams Have In Common

John Dramani Mahama

Certain men are trash and others too are treasurers who want to achieve the very best in life.

You do know that there are those men who achieve so much in life that they serve as role models to everybody and not just their children.

Most children think their parents are superhuman anyways.

Following in your father’s footsteps is both a challenge and an exciting journey.

It’s almost difficult to make a success of it, because people will always judge you according to what daddy did.

Here are five people who have replicated their father’s success.


John Dramani Mahama

His father, Emmanuel Adama Mahama was once the Nothern Regional Minister under the Kwame Nkrumah government and the Member of Parliament for the West Gonja Constituency.

John Mahama, followed his father into politics and became the MP of the Bole Constituency and later became the Minister of Communications under Jerry John Rawlings’ government.

John Mahama went further than his father to become the Vice President and subsequently the President. He is the poster son, innit?


Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

For winning the 2016 election, Nana Addo made history.

He became the first person to take the Presidential Oath of Office, just as his father did.

His choice to follow his father into politics was probably inevitable considering his activism as a young man. He was one of the people who fought to restore democratic rule in Ghana. It ushered in the fourth republic.


Wonder Safo-Ansah

Sometimes, people take the “follow in your father’s footsteps” saying as literal as possible.

Wonder literally followed in the footsteps of his father Kwaku Saforo.

His father went to Prempeh College, so he did. His Father was a science student, so he became a science student, his father was in the school’s Science and Maths Quiz competition team, and so was Wonder.

His father won the Science and Maths Quiz Competition for Prempeh, Wonder didn’t disappoint, he did too.

Wonder’s father in the 1996 NSMQ winning team.


Wonder and his team member win 2017 NSMQ

This is the only copying teachers will approve of, damn!


Samia Yaba Nkrumah

She didn’t exactly copy her father, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, or probably she hasn’t finished the copying process just yet, to say the least.

However, her entry into politics had been formidable just as her father. Dr Nkrumah took advantage of an invitation to become the General Secretary of the UGCC and then formed his own CPP when he felt the UGCC was delaying the fight for independence.

Samia, on the other hand, used her father’s political fame to bulldoze her way to the Jomoro Parliamentary seat in the Western Region.

But just as her father was later brought down by his own, she too suffered a similar fate in her unsuccessful bid to become the Flagbearer of the CPP in the 2016 General Elections.

She suffered a humiliating defeat to Ivor Greenstreet at the party’s congress.


Joel Duncan Williams

This father and son team making the Kingdom of God their business is amazing.



Bishop Duncan Williams has become a godfather to most of Ghana’s accomplished men of God and now his own son is chattering the same course.

Joel has become a well-known man of God in his own right.

He is currently an Assistant Pastor at his father’s Action Chapel International.


If you didn’t see your name, it’s not our fault you didn’t choose a strong family.

Ok bye!


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