Here Are All The Expensive Things Rob Did For Chyna

We guess you’ve got to think twice when you say love don’t cost a thing, because to Rob Kardashian, it costs a whole lotta bills.

The couple were at each other’s throat yesterday on social media after Rob revealed that Chyna was cheating on him.

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Instagram had to take down Rob’s account after he went on there to reveal things between he and his baby mama.

It didn’t end there as Rob continued his rant on Twitter.

Before you think of saying MenAreTrash, chill and look at all the cash Rob spent on Chyna.


It started right after the two started dating. Rob came in all out with gifts after gifts. It was reported that he was willing to give Chyna a gift every week of her pregnancy.

Hello, Miss Chyna? This is Chanel Calling. I Cost $6,000

After Chyna got pregnant, Rob had to pay for extra security, prenatal massages and treatments.

He also bought new made-to-measure clothes for her that needs to be updated every second week.

Image result for great gatsby gif

Then there came the biggest gift! Rob bought Blac a $200,000 purple 2016 Huracan Lamborghini back in April

A Practical Purchase For Your Future Child

As if the lambo wasn’t enough, he bought her an Audi R8…

… and then a G Wagon.

A Mercedes G-Wagon, Because #Sure

A Rolex covered in diamonds…

A 7 carat engagement ring..

Image result for blac chyna engagement ring

And yesterday, Rob revealed that he also paid $16,ooo as rent for Chyna.

But guess what? Dude actually stays in a house his mom bought.

Image result for blac chyna house

In Rob’s Instagram posts yesterday, he revealed that Blac had a 100k surgery he paid for.

Related image

After all that happened, Blac confirmed on Snapchat that Rob met with the guy she’s been cheating with(Ferrari). Trust me Rob didn’t meet him to beat him up. He PAID the guy for… you know what we mean.

We really shock for Rob! Who spends all this money on a born one?


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