Fighter Who Pooped Mid-Fight Has Been Offered $15K For Her Soiled Pants

You know how you have one of those dreams where you’re happily pee-ing in your dreams only to wake up to notice that you wet your bed…

shit happens huh?

Well, just recently, an MMA fighter’s embarrassing dreams became a reality.

Sh** literally happened for the fighter at the UFC Octagon on Sunday in a fight with Felice Herrig.

In a video that went viral, Justine Kish pooped herself mid-fight in the third round of the fight and surprisingly, she actually continued with the fight without skipping a beat.

The fighter’s reaction after the fight caught everyone’s attention.

She went on twitter to address the incident.


shit happens…

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Days after the fight, the fighter revealed she was approached with an endorsement offer for butt wipes.

The company, “Dude Wipes”, offered her a free supply of wipes and she confirmed that talks about a commercial were underway.

The offers didn’t end there.

On Tuesday, Kish revealed she had another interesting offer.

A fan offered to buy her soiled pants for $15,000 to hang in his man cave.

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She mentioned she might just take up the offer.

This defeat was her first in MMA.


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