Top 10 Ranked Football Jerseys Of This Season

The football season is almost back in action and most teams have released their kits for the upcoming season.

If Adidas didn’t produce your team’s kits, then we guess you would not be happy about what your jersey looks like.

We put together the best 10 kits for the upcoming season.

Inter Milan (Away)

Image result for inter milan 2017/2018 away kit

Their home kit maintained its natural blue and black strips but the away jersey got re-branded


8.Barcelona (Home)

Image result for barcelona home kit 2017/2018

Barca has a very cool jersey but we bet they will lose this season’s El Classico matches. Wait till you see their opponent’s kits.


8.Chelsea (Home)

Image result for chelsea home kit 2017/2018

We don’t think Nike did so much work here because the jersey looks just like what Adidas produced last year. Luiz sef bore!


7.Bayern Munich (Home)

Image result for bayern munich 2017/2018 away kit

The Bavarian Giants maintained their red colour but this time around, Adidas put in some vertical strips and that was it.


6.Manchester United (Away)

Related image


This is United’s best away jersey for sometime now. Adidas just killed it!


5.Tottenham Hotspurs (Home)

Related image

Nike has been lazying around but we think they did a better job than than Under Armour.


4.Juventus (Away)

Image result for juventus home kit 2017/2018

They won the league last season so are you surprised their away kit is that beautiful?


3.Liverpool (Home)

Related image

For us, Liverpool will be wearing the best jersey in England next season, period!


2.Real Madrid (Home)

Image result for toni kroos real madrid home kit 2017/2018

We think Adidas has a thing for Real Madrid. Just take a look at the jersey, it’s the best ever. Chale how can you even lose a match? Your opponents will just stare at your jersey.


1.Real Madrid (Away)

Image result for real madrid 2017/2018 away kit

This is the best away kit you’ll be seeing next season buddy, it’s priceless!



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