This Is Why You Can’t Use #GhanaMustGo On KLM And Air France Flights; It Ain’t Because You Are Cheap

As Ghanaians, we love our Ghana Must Go Bags. Even Louis Vuitton has appropriated our fashion sense and made their own version of the low cost bag.

Kiki Palmer has rocked Ghana Must Go and the design has also inspired runway fashion designs.

And the design has also inspired runway fashion designs.

For most of us, it is the go to luggage bag. We used it in boarding house and also used it when we travel to the village during Easter and Christmas.

As we have started flying abroad, Ghana Must Go Bags (Matted Woven Bags) has also followed us onto the plane.

This weekend, cofounder of Blogging Ghana and Lecturer at Ashesi University , Kajsa Halberg Adu tweeted a photo of a pull-up banner from Air France and KLM announcing the ban of Ghana Must Go bags on their flights.

As expected from the ‘new’ Ghanaian, Kajsa’s tweet started a chain of tweets with the hashtag #GhanaMustGoGate


Then, KLM started responding to the tweets and explaining why the two airlines have banned Ghana Must Go on their flights.

If you are thinking of using Ghana Must Go to travel out, then don’t book an Air France or KLM flight, because your luggage ain’t getting on that plane.


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